Middle Technical College


Mission Statement

MTCHS will provide students with hands-on, real world job skills and opportunities, connect students to industry leaders in the community, and serve as an integral resource for all community stakeholders.

Vision Statement

MTCHS commits to graduating certified, career-ready students and providing opportunities to prepare them for continuing education so they may serve as contributing citizens in the community. 

Why should you consider MTCHS?

  • Students can enjoy a more independent learning environment with unique features from a traditional high school with a flexible, rotating, or staggered schedule.
  • MTCHS is designed to give students an opportunity to receive a high school diploma while earning credits that can lead to an industry certification and/or   TCATN diploma.
  • Upon earning a diploma from TCATN, students can apply their TCATN diploma for credits towards an Associate of Applied Science degree at any Tennessee Board of Regents community college.
  • Families can save money when their child receives post-secondary credits for little to no cost.
  • Students can get a head start on completing a program in Computer Information Technology, Welding Technology, Machine Tool Technology, or Automated Manufacturing/Mechatronics.
  • Careers in these areas are listed as Tennessee’s hot careers.
  • Tennessee is ranked 1st in the Southeast and 4th in the nation for new jobs in these areas.

Student Criteria

  • GPA of 2.5
  • MTCHS Application
  • Parent/Student Agreement
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Counselor/Administrator Recommendation
  • Current High School Transcript
  • Must be entering their junior or senior year in high school
  • Must have at least ten (10) high school credits

In addition to the above items, a review of the student’s attendance and discipline records will be conducted by the Sumner County Middle Technical College High school Admissions Committee.

Application Process

  •  Sumner County Middle Technical College High School Applications may be obtained, completed, and submitted to the student’s high school guidance office.
  •  Parent/Student Agreement must be submitted to the school’s guidance office.
  •  Recommendations from a teacher, counselor/principal must be submitted to the school’s guidance office.
  •  Once accepted to MTCHS, a separate application for Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville (TCATN) is required.
  •  Once accepted, attendance at a mandatory parent and student meeting in May is required.